The Brands With The Most Worth In Saudi Arabia And The U.A.E

Brands With The Most Worth In Saudi Arabia And The U.A.E

BrandZ has released a list of the thirty most valuable brands in both the states. The telecom companies and the banks contribute up to three-quarters of the total revenue. This clearly indicates that the most profitable companies in the Arabian peninsula are the firms related to these sectors.

Over a thousand people were involved to make the choice of their favorite brands in both the countries, and the brands were categorized into 19 different classifications.

As we have told you earlier, the brand leading the list of the most valuable brands are the telecom companies. It is the S.T.C., which has a net worth of up to ten billion. The brand is leading the list because of the advancements they have made in their projects. The service they provide is really appreciated in the Kingdom.

Etisalat is on the second spot, which promotes the businesses, and its main motto is “Together Matters” its net worth is about 5.2 billion. On third, it is a Saudi bank which was founded in 1957 and is one of the oldest banks in the region, having a worth of 5.7 billion. F.A.B. is the largest bank in the U.A.E., which is doing most of the finances in the country, this bank is on the 4th spot.


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5th spot has been grabbed by The Emirates. It has been the symbol of pride for the Arabian Peninsula because everywhere in the world, The Emirates is operational and working very fine. They are thought to be the pioneers of this service, and they are thought to be the best in the business.