Complete Guide To Check Iqama Expiry Date In Saudi Arabia

Check Iqama Expiry Date In Saudi Arabia KSA

We are going to guide you on how to check Iqama expiry date. The Saudi Iqama system is thought to be the most efficient visa system in the world because no other country has a visa granting system that is this much strict and disciplined. This system was very much praised in the whole Arabian Peninsula, most of the states of the gulf are following the method of Iqama.

Saudi Arabia is a country where foreigners are allowed to enter either on a visit visa or on Iqama. Iqama Entry is given when a person wants to be in the Saudi Kingdom for business or job purposes. There is a time period of Iqama for every individual which can be checked through time to time using your Iqama Number. Very recently the Saudi Government has launched the Absher, it is being used by the Expats and the local residents to avail of a lot of governmental services.

But now it is very much more comfortable to check iqama status. This is happening because the Saudi Government has launched its websites to help the citizens a lot in their security and identification matters. We should appreciate the security that Saudi Arabia is trying to provide to its citizens by acknowledging the fact that all the Official Saudi websites can not be accessed through Non-Saudi servers, which takes the cybersecurity of these websites to another level. It should be done because these websites hold all the pieces of information of each and every citizen present in the Kingdom, which should never be misused.

How To Check Iqama Expiry Date In KSA – صلاحية الاقامة

Since the launch of Iqama, there have been many changes from the rules and regulations to apply to the checking of its status. By redefining the systems there have been in a total of 4 ways through which can help you check your Iqama Status.

The checking of Iqama Expiry Status is one of the most common problems faced by every foreigner because being in a different country and being busy with your life does not help in remembering this kind of stuff. There may have been other methods to check Iqama status in the past but now due to technology and e-services provided by the Saudi Government, there are 4 easy ways for iqama expiry date inquiry.

  • Iqama expiry date check using Absher
  • Iqama expiry date check using MOL
  • Iqama expiry date check using Absher App
  • Iqama expiry date check using Online Banking

These are the four methods that we are going to discuss ahead, which will guide you to check iqama validity.

Check Expiry Date of Iqama using Absher

Absher is a portal that is being used by a lot of people in Saudi Arabia for their everyday matters. It is being used for Exit Reentry Visa and Hajj Permits. Now, a lot of people have been doing all the governmental office work or application through this portal just by sitting at home. Presently, Absher is providing 160 services to its users which include making appointments, renewing passports, residents’ cards, IDs, driver’s licenses, and others. Previously, a lot of people were used to of the MOI and MOL website but by the development of this portal, all of their services are being entertained by Absher. It was basically developed by MOI(Ministry Of Interior).


To check your validity of Iqama you have to go to the Absher website and you have to log in. After this, you will have to provide some personal information and after confirming the code from your mobile the website will show you all the information regarding your Iqama.

To see the detailed step by step guide, follow out the link given below:

Check Expiry Date of Iqama using MOL

Specifically, in this case, they have made a website called MOL, which stands for the Ministry of Labor Wazarat Amal Portal. The website was made because of the Jawazat and Amal Sector, which deals with your Iqama inquiries of all sorts. This is thought to be the easiest way to check the validity of your Iqama.


You simply have to go to its website and enter your Iqama/Border Number and after providing some necessary information you can view the status of your Iqama.

For detailed instructions visit our link given below:

Check Expiry Date of Iqama using Absher App

First of all, you will have to download the Absher app, for android users, it is available on Google Play and for iOS users, it is available on the App Store. To check your Iqama using the app you just simply have to log in and provide the OTP.

For a detailed method use the link given below:

Check Expiry Date of Iqama using Online Banking

This is a very unique way of checking your Iqama, and most of the people do not even know that it is even possible to check your Iqama Status using your banking account. This method is universal for all the banks of Saudi Arabia, it will allow you to check your iqama.


You just simply have to log in to your mobile banking app and it will provide you the account validity in the settings option.

For a detailed view and guide of the process open the link given below:

Things related to Iqama you should know

The following are the things that will help you and you must be having knowledge of them.

  1. How to check Huroob Status online in English

    Huroob is a type of penalty that is imposed on an Iqama Holder by his Kafeel or Sponsor in case the Iqama Holder is not present at work. To check Huroob status online in English you have to visit the MOI website to choose the English option and you have to provide some information to check the status.

  2. How to check Iqama Profession/Mehna online

    There is three ways to check your mehna, first of all, is by checking your Iqama Card, because it is clearly visible on that. Secondly by the MOI website. Thirdly, you can log on to your Absher and can view it in occupation.

  3. How to check fine on Iqama in Saudi Arabia

    There are two ways to check Fine on your Iqama in Saudi Arabia. The first one is to check it through the SMS service. If you can not do this, then you can view the fines on your Iqama by visiting the nearest ATM, by choosing the Offered Services option. It can also be checked through Absher.

  4. How to check Iqama status red green yellow

    You can check these on the MOL website. These colors define the number of Saudis in the organization you are working in, Green color is good but red and yellow are an indication of warning.

  5. How to check kafeel/Sponsor name by Iqama number

    To check your Kafeel name you have to open the MOL website and Absher just by doing this, you can know the name of your Kafeel and other things related to Iqama. You can also check this using your Iqama Card.

  6. How to check Iqama transfer status in KSA

    To convert the website into English you will have to use the extensions. After the approval of the Iqama Transfer Request, you have to log in to the MOL website which will show you the iqama transfer status. You will have to enter your application number which will show you the result.

  7. How to check Iqama renewal In Saudi Arabia

    You can check this from MOI website, after selecting English, To view this, you have to go to the Querry Iqama Expiry Service. The page displayed will be showing your date in Hijri format.

  8. How to check how many sim on my Iqama in Saudi Arabia

    You have to go to the Portal Services website, then you can know the number of sims registered on your Iqama number by providing your Phone number and Iqama Number.

  9. How check national address by Iqama number

    You can check the national address by visiting its website. There you have to go to Manage National Address Option and then you can check your national address by giving your ID and other pieces of information.

Some Important Terms You Need to Know

  • Renewal of Iqama:

During the renewal process of Iqama which is very important to do before the expiry, The Maktab Amal mostly asks you the issuance date of your Iqama, Thus it is mentioned on your card, which is another way to keep in mind.

  • Kafeel:

Your sponsor in the Arabian Kingdom can be the best source of any type of information regarding your visa in Saudi Arabia. If you want to know your Iqama Validity you can simply ask him. He can check it through his portal and tell you physically.

  • Maktab Amal:

Maktab Amal department has been established by the Saudi Wazarat Al-Amal. The basic duty of this department is to deal with the issues of Iqama. This department was very essential as far as the expats are concerned. They can easily reach out to them as they have their branches all over the Arabian peninsula.

  • Jawazaat:

Jawazat is a governmental institution formed by the Saudi Government Officials for the ex-pats too. The basic purpose of forming this wing was to deal with Visa/Re-Entry issues or the transfer of Iqama from one person to another. It can guide you through everything related to the visa you can also check all the amounts required for the process.

  • Nitaqat:

Saudization is the name of the process of giving Saudi nationals an equal opportunity in the private sector of the industry. The program has divided the firms into categories named as Platinum, High Green, Mid Green, Low Green, Yellow, and Red.

  • Exit/Reentry:

Exit/Re-Entry visa is the type of Saudi Visa in which the expat can leave the Arabian Kingdom, and he has to come back in the given period of time.

To get full details on Exit/Re-Entry visa read our descriptive article:

  • Iqama Funds:

Iqama funds are used to do a lot of transactions in Saudi Arabia related to governmental services. You can use iqama funds to clear your fines, pay bills, etc. There is an annual fee for using this service which is charged by Maktab Al-Amal or Jawazat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Iqama ID?

In Saudi Arabia, all the foreigners are under any sponsor, which is called their Kafeel. And of them are assigned a Unique Visa number, which is called their Iqama ID. Iqama ID is used in a lot of places and for many purposes, such as performing all the governmental obligations and the banking stuff.

What is transferable Iqama?

The process of changing your Kafeel, is called transferable Iqama. Your Kafeel allows you to switch your sponsorship to some other Kafeel by keeping you in Saudi Arabia this process is known as Transferable Iqama.

What happens if Iqama expired?

In a country like Saudi Arabia in which every foreigner is under the system of Iqama and where your Iqama expires you are thought to be illegal in Saudi Arabia.

What is the privileged Iqama system

This Iqama System has some extra perks for the people who have this type of Iqama. They have permission to do business on their own and they can bring people to the Kingdom and can give them job in their firms. They also do not have to take permission from any kafeel to leave or enter the country.

What if I lost my Saudi Iqama

If you have lost your Saudi Iqama then you have to report to the Police. If you tell them within a day then there is no penalty but after that, they are going to find you a thousand Saudi Riyals. If you are not found in possession of your Iqama then you can face severe consequences.