How to Check MOI Traffic Violation/ Mukhalfa in Saudi Arabia

Check MOI Traffic Violation KSA

After the Saudi government increased the fine on traffic violations, every native and non-native in KSA is worried about this single question, “How to check MOI traffic violations or Mukhalfa in the Arabian peninsula“. It has been two years since the Saudi Cabinet has transferred/delegated the rules regarding traffic violations in the Saudi Kingdom to the Traffic Police Department.

Doubling of the fine rule has been administered all over the state, which includes that If a non-native or a local has not paid his/her fine, the violation penalty will be doubled after the expiry of a specified time period, thus people have become more alert whenever found guilty of any sort of traffic-related offense. This article will also show you how to check traffic violation in KSA and will also tell you about traffic fine checking.

Riyadh traffic fine is collected through top-notch equipment because they do not want to face stream of heavy traffic and traffic violations ultimately. A system named Saher is proving to be very effective on the roads as it uses digital cameras which are primarily connected to the NIC. This step has helped to catch almost all of the culprits who do not pay heed to the traffic rules and end up violating the traffic regulation/ laws.

Steps to know Saudi Arabia Traffic Fines or Mukhalfa with Absher

Time needed: 1 minute.

Method to check MOI Traffic penalty/Mukhalfa.

  1. Visit the Absher Website

    Firstly, you’ll have to visit the Absher website by clicking on the given link below and select Individuals.
    www.absher.saLogin in your Absher

  2. Choose your preferred language

    Secondly, At the top right, Select English as your desired language.Choose your language in absher

  3. Login in your Absher account

    Now, login in your Absher account by entering your username or password and press ENTER.enter username in absher

  4. Select Detailed Query Traffic Violation

    After this, please click on “Detailed Query Traffic Violation”.Select Detailed Query Traffic Violation

  5. Check Violations Summary

    A new page will open, which will show you the amount of traffic fines in the name of the given Iqama Holder.Check amount of traffic fines on your iqama

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How to check Traffic Violation Location in KSA?

Saudis have installed a lot better systems for the flow of traffic, they have installed a very good connection of cameras by the company Sehar which is more efficient than a lot of traffic systems in Europe. One good thing is that you can also check the video of your violation which can also tell you the exact location of the violation. To check the violation log on to the official website of the government by clicking on the following link:

After that click on Traffic Violation Information which will show you the location and time of the violation.

Checking of MOI Traffic Violations by SMS

People want to ease in every aspect of their life may it be in any type of violation or fine they have received. Such is the case with the people who fall prey to the penalties caused by the traffic violations in Saudi Arabia, owing to this people prefer to check their Traffic Mukhalfa (Fine) sitting at their home. One platform to check this type of fine is through cellular operations, i.e SMS. The process initiates when one buys a vehicle in KSA may he be a permanent resident or a foreigner, If the person driving the vehicle violates the traffic rules as imposed by the country he would definitely face a penalty which would be according to the nature of the violation. Most people find it very difficult to do all the proceedings of traffic rules violations by physically being present at the traffic violation department. So, the Saudi Arabia traffic fine has started to send the Violation ID online. This is a new method to check Saudi Arabia Traffic Violation online instead of visiting the ministry.

Along with the amount of fine to the mobile number. This ID can help you get rid of all the fatigue of the Iqama Number related to the Traffic Violation MOI.

Somehow, If you have missed the SMS or have deleted it unintentionally then there are remedies that can help you get back your Violation ID. All you have to do is dial 011-292-8888 from your cell phone. After the establishment of connection, you have to press 2 to initiate the process in English after selecting 1, you will enter the menu for Traffic Violation. After this, you’ll have to provide your Iqama Number and the system will show you the MOI Traffic Violation ID.

When you have your MOI Traffic Violation ID you can have access to all of the relevant information and details regarding your Violation Date, the registration number of your vehicle, the location of the camera, the violation payment in your name, and some other details which can be provided when this method is implemented.

Check Saudi Traffic Violation fines by ATM

As the strictness of the Saudi Ministry of Interior has been seen in the fact that, they have doubled the traffic fines by a hundred percent on the other hand they have also tried to help the people who are non-residents and have problems facing the violation fines due to the Arabian language barrier. First of all, you have to reach to the nearest possible ATM pay the violation fine by the easiest method, following you have to enter your password. In the Offered Services Menu you’ll find Traffic Violation.

Now you have to enter the captcha correctly because this should be done carefully. Finally, you have to click on the View button and the results of your Traffic Violation will be displayed on your screen. All this advancement and ease has been made possible by the efforts of MOI’s service named as “Querry Traffic Violation”.