Scores Ahead Of the Rest Of The World; China Sends 6G Satellite To Orbit

China Sends 6G Satellite

Chinese are doing a tremendous job in the field of technology and there is no one even nearer to the efforts they are putting in. The whole world was shocked by the tweet made by the Chinese Embassy in the US. Nobody was expecting this even in the next decade because most of the advanced and developed countries still do not have fully functional 5G technology installed.

Moreover, the leading smartphone brands have just recently shifted to 5G technology, this indicates that even 5G is not very common in the modern world. But Chinese have made our jaws drop by announcing such news. A single rocket was used to send 13 satellites to orbit which is the experimental project of China to make 6G happen in the coming months. 

The weight of the satellite will be about seventy kilograms and it will perform calculations regarding the disaster and fire prevention software using the terahertz spectrum which is thought to be a hundred times faster than the 5G technology which is yet being expected by the people in the coming year.