End of Service Benefits ESB Calculator in Saudi Arabia

End of Service Benefits ESB Calculator in Saudi Arabia

End of service benefits ESB is a system of giving employees of the kingdom a compensation package at the end of their service. Some governments have rules regarding the people who do certain jobs in a country.

These people mostly spend their time in their workplace or performing duties regarding their jobs. So most of the governments in the world have initiated a term like End of Service Benefits as it is in Saudi Arabia.

End of Service Benefits Saudi Arabia Labor Law Calculator

End of service benefits is applicable to a person’s contract if he or she has at least worked with the employer for the past 2 years. If one has not then this award will not be given. If the person has worked five years with the employer then his ESB will be equal to half of the monthly wage for each of the last five years. If someone has been working for more than ten years then his ESB will be equal to a full month wage of the past ten years or the number of years he or she has worked but more than five.

If due to some reason a worker can not continue his work then the criteria are a bit different. If a worker has worked more than 2 years but less than 5 years then his award will be one-third of the service. If the worker has worked between five to ten years then his award will be two-thirds of the service and if his service is beyond ten years then his award will be the full amount for the number of years more than ten.

If a worker has to resign due to some reason which he or she can not hold back then their award is in the full amount there is no gender discrimination in this.

Procedure to Compute ESB in Saudi Arabia – حاسبة نهاية الخدمة

  1. To directly open the End of Service Calculator Saudi Arabia open the following link: “laboreducation.mlsd.gov.sa/en/calc
  2. Provide the type of contract
  3. Mention the reason for service dismissal
  4. Write the amount of salary
  5. Select the duration of years.
  6. The number of days and number of months is optional, write if you want to if not then click on the Equal to tab.

Saudi Labour Law For End of Service Benefits for Females

If the worker is a female and she wants to quit her job within the time period of six months starting from the date of her marriage or three months before the date of giving birth then at the end of her service then the employer is bound to settle her account and ESB within a week after the contract ends. If the worker wants to end the contract then the time period of settlement is two weeks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is KSA end of service calculated?

It depends upon the number of years you have worked with the employer. The criteria are different for the employees who have worked for five years, ten years or more than ten years.

What is the end of service benefits in KSA?

The end of service benefits in KSA is the award given to the employees at the end of their service. It includes their wages depending upon their time period of service.

How is service benefit calculated?

The end of service benefits Saudi Arabia Labor Law Calculator can be performed by opening the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Human Developments.