King Salman Briefed The Saudi Cabinet About Conversations With World Leaders

King Salman Briefed The Saudi Cabinet

In this time of crisis caused by the pandemic, a lot of things are left unattended and neglected. But there is one man who is still doing all of his work from his office. The Saudi King Salman held an online meeting with the leaders of different countries, including The United Kingdom, The United States, France, and Russia. The Saudi King attended the meeting form Neom while others attended it from their offices. The meeting was about enhancing the diplomatic relations between the states and helping each other in this time of crisis and need.

The Saudi King also gave the details of the meeting to the Saudi cabinet. There was a comprehensive debate in the cabinet that will ultimately help the Saudi Kingdom make its name among the top countries that helped other states in this need of the hour.

In addition to this matter, The Saudi King briefed the cabinet about his manifestoes towards the countries that have been linked with Saudi Arabia; he highlighted every state and The Kingdom’s role towards them. He discussed his meeting with the Kuwaiti Deputy Emir, and Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jabar Al-Sabah both the leaders wanted to establish a good relationship between the countries and emphasized on maintaining it in every possible way. As the Saudi King is the president of the G20, which is an organization developed for the international stability of finances, he also discussed the role of Saudi Arabia in helping its group members.

Following all this, the Saudi cabinet discussed the world affairs going on, which were very important to be dealt with. The first issue as evident was of the coronavirus, strategies and decisions were made to keep it intact and to prevent it from spreading. The Saudi Coronavirus cases have dropped a lot, and the recovered instances have shown a skyrocketing surge. The cabinet praised the Saudi Health Ministry for its untiring efforts and the medical staff, which has shown tremendous results in containing the coronavirus and reducing its spread.

The second highlighted issue was of Palestine; it has been ages since the Israeli’s have been doing atrocities on the Palestinians. Finally, after a lot of struggle, It is being listened to a lot, the cabinet debated on this as well, in which the Saudi King gave his remarks. He was of the opinion that there should a final solution for the captured country, and it should end by now. This step taken by the King is very impressive as there are very few Muslim countries that have been paying attention to Palestine.