New Rules Made For The Chinese Muslims To Perform Hajj In KSA

New Rules Made For The Chinese Muslims To Perform Hajj In KSA

China the country with more than twenty million Muslim population has decided to set boundaries for the Muslims who leave the country to visit Mecca. Xinjiang is the province of China which has the Muslim majority as compared to other provinces.

In the recent times, The UN, Western countries and the Muslim countries have been criticizing China for the brain washing they are trying to do of the Muslims in their country. China was afraid of the spread of the religion in the country and started these camps to lure them away from the religion.

In its defense China has said that the camps were basically meant to help the people remove religious racism. Now they have set up rules for the Muslims which they will have to follow If they want to perform Hajj.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and It is compulsory for a Muslim to perform it If he can bear the charges according to his living condition and lifestyle. The twenty million population of Muslims includes the Uyghur and Hui Muslims which are both ten million in the count.

Every year ten thousand pilgrims perform Hajj from China. The government has made it compulsory that the matters related to Hajj of the Chinese Muslims will be handled by Chinese Islamic Association. The issue notice consists of 42 articles which are related to Hajj of the Chinese Muslims.

Only Chinese Islamic Association is allowed to arrange the means of travelling and the schedule to leave and enter the country. It is forbidden by any other means to be entertained for the Hajj in Saudi Arabia.