How To Register With Al Mubasher Retail – Alrajhi Internet Banking

Register With Al Mubasher Retail - Al rajhi Internet Banking- KSA

Al-Rajhi which was also known as Al-Rajhi Banking and Investment Corporation in the past is one of the leading banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the largest system of Islamic Banking. This system of banking was founded by Al-Rajhi brothers which also serves as the name of the bank. Today, Al-Rajhi is serving in four countries, Malaysia, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia with over six hundred branches. It is the world’s largest Islamic bank. Its headquarter is in Riyadh from where they control their operations in all the four countries.

Procedure To Register With Al Mubasher Alrajhi Internet Banking:

Nowadays it is very much easy to get registered with Alrajhi Mubasher Retail/Al Rajhi Internet Banking sitting from your homes. What you need to do is that you have to register through an ATM Card, then follow this procedure:

  1. Go to Al-Rajhi Bank website.
  2. Open Electronic Banking Registration.
  3. Provide your ATM Card Number and Pin.
  4. Give your Account Number.
  5. Choose “Register for Al Mubasher Retail
  6. Choose Username and Password.
  7. Now you have to give the SMS code sent to your registered cell phone number.
Procedure To Register With Al Mubasher Alrajhi Internet Banking

Now, you have successfully made your account and you can do the online transactions which are totally secured.

How can I open account in Al Rajhi bank online?

You can open Al-Rajhi online bank account by visiting the website. You must have all the required documents depending upon your nature either you are a national or a foreigner. Then you will receive a confirmation SMS and after that you will have to visit the selected branch to sign the contract. You will also receive your FREE ATM Card.

Tahweel Al Rajhi App:

Most of the people in the world now want an online system of everything they want. From groceries to their banking transactions people want all of these on just a click away from them. Al-Rajhi bank is one of the oldest banking systems in Saudi Arabia. They have developed a mobile application to give people access to their bank accounts simply from their homes. You can download the app by clicking on the following link: