Saudi Arabia And Russia, In A Contest Of Oil

Saudi Arabia And Russia, In A Contest Of Oil

This year as we all know that most of the economies. The world trade was put to a halt after the novel virus broke out. This time not countries but the continents were forced to shut down. The virus first rose in China and after that day by day, every country fell prey to it. The governments were forced to shut down the imports and the exports.

We all know that China was the first country to be affected by the virus but little do we know that as good as China has handled the virus no other country could ever. All the countries have been facing second and the third waves of the virus but there is one which has contained it so well that no second rise in the virus has been seen, the country is no other than China.

China is still working at its full capacity and it had to cause competition in one way or the other in some field. So the contestants here are Russia and Saudi Arabia, and what is the prize? As usual the MONEY! Saudi Arabia and Russia are fighting very hard to export more of their oil to China.

As the statistics have shown us, both the countries are going neck to neck. And their utmost desire is to make more money by selling more of their oil to China. Saudi Arabia has got an edge because of its cut-price on the Asian countries.

China being the worlds biggest importer of crude oil has to buy crude oil products to fulfill its needs and make it up for the deficit caused by the pandemic but we can know about the efficiency and the responsibility of the Chinese by the fact that they are now out of the danger of Corona being its first hunt and now they are trying their level best to make up to every loss caused by this virus.