Saudi Arabia angers over India and Pakistan relating the Kashmir Issue

Saudi Arabia angers over India and Pakistan relating the Kashmir Issue

Some days ago, Saudi Arabia launched a 20 Riyal note. As we have mentioned our earlier article that this has caused some tension in the capitals of the two countries. India and Pakistan did not like what Saudi Arabia did with the status of Kashmir on their map which has been displayed on their bank note.

The preface of this issue is that, Kashmir is the disputed territory between India and Pakistan, this issue dates back to the partition of the Sub-Continent. There have been a lot on casualties on this land for both the countries. The reason is that, the international boundary has not been yet made by the authorities which still results in the everyday firing incidents by both the countries because both the countries want to make it a part of their land. Some part of Kashmir is in the Pakistani territory and most of the part is in India. Thus both the countries own Kashmir and Include it in their respective maps.

Now what Kingdom did was that it has shown Kashmir as an independent territory. Now both the rival countries have not liked it for any reason. Pakistan and India both are of the view that Kashmir should be included in their maps. Saudi Arabia on the other hand has done the opposite, as a sign of support for the Kashmiri people.

Saudi Arabia did this because in the fight of their land a lot of people have died in the race of both the countries to own the land. Now, both the administrations are opposing this act of Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh has shown sentiments of anger over this response of the countries. Saudi Arabia is of the opinion that Kashmir should be freed instead of being part of neither of the countries because the people living in the peninsula are Muslims in majority and in the Indian Occupied Kashmir they have been facing lockdowns and restrictions which have negated the basic human rights.


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The Kingdom has taken a huge step, because the only issue on which Pakistani Prime Minister emphasized on his General Assembly speech of the United Nations in the last session was Kashmir. Now, Saudi Arabia has given a rational point of view keeping Kashmir away from both the countries.