Saudi Arabia Chops-Off Kashmir And Gilgit-Baltistan From Pakistan’s Map In New Celebratory Note

Saudi Arabia Cuts Off Kashmir And GB From Pakistan’s Map In New Celebratory Note

The Saudi King in August presided over a G-20 virtual meeting which included representatives from the countries holding the membership. Saudi Arabia was very much pleased to be holding the top position in the G-20 Summit. Ahead of this Saudi Arabia has launched a new banknote celebrating this achievement of theirs. The banknote shows the map of the world, now that is something which has caused some problems for the countries.

The map on the note shows some region of Southern Asia, which is considered as an International dispute, Kashmir. What Saudi Arabia did is that, it has printed Kashmir as an independent state. Saudi Arabia has done it as a gesture of support for the Muslims of Kashmir which is being oppressed every day. Saudi Arabia has been the first country to do such because the matter has been taken to a lot of United Nations platforms but the decision has still not been made in an appropriate manner. The issue has been there since the partition of the Sub-Continent, the British Viceroys did make it an absolute decision in this regard and since then the matter has not been resolved.

SAUDI 20 Riyal Note

Indian Capital has condemned this act of the Saudi government and is trying its best to change this map on the new note of Saudi Arabia.

20 Riyal Note SAUDI ARABIA

The other country which is not happy with this act of Saudi Arabia is Pakistan. Leaving aside, the state of Kashmir, which is considered an international dispute, Saudi Arabia has also shown Gilgit Baltistan a northern state of Pakistan as an independent state. Now this is the real problem because it is a defined state on the official map of Pakistan. Reports are saying that, Saudi Arabia has given a Diwali gift to the state of India by doing this. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan some months ago faced a rift in their relations and seeing the international politics and the directions in which it is being carried out Saudi Arabia wants to back India in its stance.


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Both the countries, India and Pakistan have their separate stances on this act of Saudi Arabia, but the Kingdom has done and will always do what is best in its interest and the policy. This is what is happening in the world but the thing we should support of Saudi Arabia is that it has shown interest in the people of Kashmir better than what they are at the moment.