Saudi Arabia Issues Polymer 5 Riyal Note

Saudi Arabia Issues Polymer 5 Riyal Note

The past Sunday the Saudi government has launched a 5 Riyal note. This will be an addition to the collection of notes but with a different composition.

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority is of the view that this will be a new step towards the innovativeness of the use of currency notes.

This polymer banknote comes with a lot of benefits. The SAMA has installed security features in this, which will help to eradicate every type of fraud and hanky panky. One of the features includes that this banknote can not be folded, which will allow it to maintain its wear and tear for a very long time. The life of these notes is way more than the paper notes, which means these currency notes need a one-time investment and longer-term usage period.

SAMA issues new 5 riyal polymer Note in Saudi Arabia

These notes are made to resist all kinds of pressure and weather conditions. These are waterproof and can bear the sprinkles and humidity.

The design consists of a picture of King Salman. The other things on display depict the Saudi Petrochemical companies’ dominations in the past 5 years and the logo of the Saudi Vision 2030.