Saudi Arabia Lifts Travel Ban From 15th of September 2020

Saudi Arabia Lifts Travel Ban From 15th of September 2020

Corona gave a lot of countries a major halt in there projects and affairs. The country which is now recovering from the paralysis of the pandemic is Saudi Arabia. Recently, for the first time in six months, Saudi Arabia had less than seven hundred corona cases. There is a sign that they are controlling the situation well, and in the coming days, the cases are going to decrease. Now every country in the world is trying to keep the economy on the go by lifting up some of the restrictions, and after a long time, Saudi Arabia has been in a position to do so.

Since the start of the pandemic, the first thing that was done by the officials of most of the countries was to ban air travel. In some countries, it is still being observed, but the Arabian Kingdom, after a hard-fought battle, has contained the novel virus and has started to remove some of the restrictions. Many things have been brought to functionalities, and one of them is allowing international flights to Saudi Arabia. The foreigners will be allowed to enter the Arabian Kingdom from the 15th of September. As mentioned earlier, this is a step to initiate a mini lockdown as most of the countries have imposed it.

People who are allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has allowed the people from the Gulf-Cooperation Council to enter and exit in its territory. The Gulf-Cooperation Council consists of six members who are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. The citizens of these countries have been given the permit to travel in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has felt that a lot of its compulsory projects have been left behind, and thus they are also allowing the people who have a work permit visa because ultimately, these people play an effective role in keeping the economy running.

Other than these people who have an Exit and Return visa, Saudi Students, Diplomats and excluded groups are also being allowed to visit the Arabian Kingdom. Keeping each and everything in view and to prevent the spread of the virus even after allowing all these traveling facilities, there are some things that are compulsory. Anyone who has to enter the Arabian Kingdom must have proof that he is not having any traces of the virus. If someone does not has a proper document for that, one will not be allowed to enter and will be deported.

Announcement made by the Saudi Ministry of Interior:

“The Saudi Kingdom will allow international flights by the 1st of January,2020. All the Airports, Sea ports and Border Gateways will be opened from the given date. The Saudis will have the liberty to travel to other countries. People could enter the Kingdom on exit visas. People with exit and re-entry visas or those who have residence permit can visit Saudi Arabia”.

Types of visa holders that are allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia:

The following are the types of visas which will allow you to enter in Saudi Arabia if you are in possession of them:

  1. GCC Residents
  2. Businessmen
  3. Iqama Holders with Exit and Re-Entry Visa
  4. People having legal residence
  5. Work Visa

A piece of advice for those who wish to travel to the Kingdom:

There has also been a complete change of policies. If you have to be outside your place of living in the Kingdom. The government officials have directed the local authorities to keep a strict check on them. If you have to visit someplace, you should be having your face mask. If you do not have it, you will face the consequences. On all the official places mask is compulsory even for the staff. So If you are visiting the Kingdom, make sure to have it all sorted out because the virus has been contained, but it has not been eradicated.