Saudi Arabia Makes Amendments In Their Kafala System

Saudi Arabia Makes Amendments In Their Kafala System

Saudi Arabia has been doing a lot in recent times to attract foreigners from all parts of the world. They have started working on all the aspects which will help them to make Saudi Arabia the center of attention for the people from all the continents of the world. One of the biggest initiatives taken in this regard is the Saudi Vision 2030.

A few hours ago another great step taken by the Saudi Government in this regard is that they have launched LRI (The Labor Reform Initiative) which will be controlled by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. There are three main points that are the core of this initiative.

  • Change of Sponsorship
  • Exit Re-Entry Amendment
  • Final Exit Amendment:
Contract Relationship Improvement initiative and It’s objectives

Change of Sponsorship

There is a change in the rules of sponsorship. Before this, it was a very difficult process to get your sponsorship changed but now with the recent approval of this initiative, you will only have to put a request for your new sponsorship without requiring the permission of the old sponsorship.

Exit Re-Entry Amendment

There has been a new amendment in the process and the same again the process has been made a bit simpler and easier than before. Now the expats will only have to send a request to the sponsor. It will only require approval and nothing else.

Final Exit Amendment

In the process of the Final Exit of the expats, they will have to send a request the condition being their contract should have expired. After that, you just need to get it accepted but there should be no left-overs of the dealing between the expat and the sponsor.

This is a good step taken by the government because in recent times this was seen that the people living in the Kingdom were not in favor of working in the Kingdom because of the strictness in the system but now the government has taken this seriously and have made necessary amendments in this regard.


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Now, the officials also noticed that people from all over the world should see Saudi Arabia as a good option as a country to work in. A lot of workers from other countries will now take Saudia as a good country to work in. This is somehow going to make good effects on the economy of the Kingdom. Ultimately, when there would be more workforce It will make the economic reforms more efficient. This will be implemented from the 21st of March of the coming year.