SAUDI ARABIA NATIONAL DAY – Events Organized by the Saudi Govt

SAUDI ARABIA NATIONAL DAY - Events Organized by the Saudi Govt

September will always be a month of great importance for the Arabian Kingdom people as it would to any country because of the arrival of its National Day. The day is celebrated to remember renaming its name from the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This happened in 1932 when the Kingdom was named before the family of King Abdul Aziz. This day was acknowledged to be a national holiday back in 2005, and King Fahad announced it to be the public holiday.

On this day, the roads and the squares are decorated with the Saudi flags. People wear white and green dresses, imitating the Arabian flag, which is filled with green color and has writings of white shades on it. The whole country is decorated with the same colors. This year marks the 90th National Day of the Arabian Kingdom.

Saudi National Day Holiday 2020 For Public & Private Sector

The Saudi Ministry of Human and Resource Development has announced the National Day holiday structure would be as given below:

The people who have been linked with the Public Sector will have a holiday of two days, 23rd and 24th of September, falling on the days Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

The people in the Private Sector will not feel happy after reading this because they are allowed only one day, the 23rd of September 2020, which is on Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia National Day celebrations 2020 – اليوم الوطني السعودي

This year has been an adamant one for all of the countries of the world. Owing to coronavirus, most countries have an alarming situation going on with them. Still, the Saudi Government has decided to celebrate this day with full zeal and zest.

Events in Jeddah:

From the 22nd of September, the musical concerts would be taking place as in Jeddah, the Emirati Singer would be performing in the King Abdullah Sports City. This would be the first concert since March. The singer Ahlam after the announcement on Sunday addressing to the people of Jeddah, tweeted,” I am coming to you.”

On this Saudi National Day, Dalia Mubarak and Abadi Al-Jawhar will perform in the same place, and after them, Angham and Tamer Ashour will sing to the people on the next day. Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki will start performing on the 25th of September, which will be succeeded by Amr Diab, which would be the last event of the eve in Jeddah.

Events in Riyadh:

Riyadh will also have a number of performances in King Fahad Cultural Center. On the 23rd of September, Majed Al Mohandes will perform, followed by the magical live music session of Rabeh Sager on the 25th of September.

Events in Dammam:

Aseel Abu Bakr and Rashid Al Majid will be performing in Dammam at the Green Hall on the 23rd of September.

Important things to remember:

There will be only fifteen hundred seats available in Riyadh, but people can buy a ticket to the stream, which can be accessed from their home. Entertainment Authority will be responsible for the implementation of Covid-19 prevention methods. Social distancing will be observed, along with all the necessary measures. Tickets for the Ahlem Show in Jeddah will be in the market today; the rest will be coming out later in the week.