Saudi Arabia Plans To Abolish The Kafala System

Saudi Arabia Plans To Abolish The Kafala System

Since the last seventy years, Saudi Arabia has implemented a unique system of issuing visas to labor. This system of Saudi Arabia was that the people arriving in the Kingdom will always be under the supervision of a local person. That person is called The Kafeel or in other words the sponsor.

That person is responsible for the individual under his sponsorship. All the matters of the person are handled by the Kafeel. The Kafeel orders the person under his supervision to do work and pays him wages but this system is now going to be changed a bit.

Seeing all these circumstances the government of Saudi Arabia thinks that this system is not very much attractive to the people of the world now because it has a lot of restrictions in it for example, If some individual has to return to his country he will have to take permission from his sponsor or If one has to switch jobs even then he needs permission.

After Saudi Arabia has initiated its Saudi Vision 2030, they have decided to give some liberty to the workforce in the kingdom because It will attract more and more people to choose Saudi Arabia as a country to work in, and ultimately this is going to help the economy of the Kingdom on the whole because when people from all over the world would come to Saudi Arabia first of all, the departments in the Kingdom would flourish. 

When all the sectors that are essential for the economy to grow will work efficiently, then the revenue generation would rise to a greater extent and this is what the government in the Kingdom wants. Two years back, Saudi Arabia had also launched Premium Residence Card also known as the “PRC”. Now they are considering the removal of these drawn boundaries and minimizing the restrictions a lot.


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All of this is being done to bring more and more foreigners in the Kingdom, which are going to help make the economy of a country very healthy and above all when all of this happens the people from all over the world would start visiting Saudi Arabia which is going to help the tourism department of the country.

So, it is all connected where one thing leads to another, and improving one thing helps to improve a lot of other things.