Top Ten Footballers To Ever Grace The Game

top 10 best football players

The beautiful game is its name, but the game itself is way more than that. Basically, originated from the British land. It was adopted with the ruling tenure of the British. Now, in every corner of the world, football is being loved and enjoyed by its fans. From Asian to American continents, more than three billion people are estimated to be involved in the game as a fan or as a player. The game paced its hype in the mid of the nineteenth century, and since then, it has graced itself some players who are thought to have the magical feet.

Apparently, the players made the play more interesting and intense. Arch rivalries developed, it has now become more than just a game. Players are warriors on the pitch, and a win is like a heavenly feeling, and a defeat is considered a curse. Owing to these, there are some players who have made their mark in the world of football, but the real question remains, “Who are the top ten footballers of all time?”

You got that right, we have a list of top ten footballers of all time, So giddy up, because there can be surprises!

David Beckham

Starting the senior career in the Manchester United squad, debuting in 1992, Beckham caught the eyes of the Red Devils since the start. Playing under Sir Alex Ferguson, Beckham matured on the pitch. This ultimately led him to Real Madrid, taking him to new heights. There Beckham played alongside the Galacticos and scored a total of 13 goals. Mostly known for his freekicks, Beckham has proven himself to be the man who always hits the corner with the bending set pieces both for England and Real Madrid. He picks up the tenth spot for his performances throughout his career, and do not forget whenever you take a freekick, Bend it like Beckham!

Footballer David Beckham

Sergio Ramos

The great Spanish wall of defense has written its name in the history of the Champions League and the FIFA World Cup, making him one the most decorated defenders in the history of football.
He is thought to be the true leader on and off the pitch. Who can forget the Champions League Final of 2014 where he scored the equalizer in the 93rd minute of the extra time which led Real Madrid to their tenth title win. He is a graduate of Sevilla’s academy who is still playing for the Madrid based club. Also known for his too good to be a defender’s passing and scoring abilities, he has landed himself at the 9th spot of the ten best footballers of history.

Footballer Sergio Ramos

Andres Iniesta

He is the man who always had something up his sleeve. Playing as a midfielder since his debut, the Man has always been the magician on the pitch showing his incredible passes in the most intense situations. He was a product of Barcelona’s youth academy who had started playing full matches from 2003 to 2018. Playing for the Spanish national team, he played like a man who would leave people stunned. The most iconic moment of his career would be when he scored the only goal in the final of the 2010 World Cup and grabbed the Man of the Match Award. He also won the 2008 and 2012 Euros with the Spanish national team. He captained Barcelona for three seasons, being an heir to Xavi. During his tenure at Barca, he has won the treble twice. Being the most honored Spanish player, Iniesta would be placed at the 8th spot.

Footballer Andres Iniesta

Zinedine Zidane

The French guy who never ceased to amaze has retired but still giving a lot to the game by leading Real Madrid as a coach. The 1998 Ballon D’or winner has shone throughout his career. He had an extraordinary vision and control, but most importantly, he had the guts. He is the man who single-handedly destroyed the 2006 Brazil team by making the French side scored two goals against the team who was the favorite. The Galactico has played for Bordeaux, Juventus, and Real Madrid. Praised by many elites, he picks up the 6th spot.

Footballer Zidane


The Barcelona man was something that this game was blessed to have. He played like he was meant to be a footballer, making it look more attractive than it was. Once this guy had the ball, he would prove any defender useless—a humble and cheerful guy who always loved to score and assist. Ronaldinho, because of his dedication to the game, received a standing ovation at Santiago Bernabeu, which is already something that all the players wish to have. He also won the 2005 Ballon D’Or and has also invented the Gaucho trick. Ronaldinho would be given 5th place on the list!



The guy who has scored the most goals in the history of football, Pele has scored more than 700 official match goals, which are still the most by any player. The Brazilian player has won the World Cup thrice, which is a record which still stands. The Brazil icon is known for his skills and adaptability, which will give him the 5th spot.

Footballer Pele

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is mostly known as Maradona, who is an Argentine national. Maradona played for Barcelona, Napoli, and the Argentine national team. He had won the World Cup with Argentina making a goal with his hand, which incident was named as The Hand of God and another one when he dribbled past five players to end the ball in the net. The European Cup winner and the World Champion grabbed himself the 4th spot.

Diego Maradona

Ronaldo Nazario

The Brazilian Ronaldo has been named as “The Phenomenon.” He is thought to be one of the greatest forwards in the history of the game. Having played in Italy and Spain, Ronaldo has done his job the best. He was always there when there was a thing about scoring goals. The most lethal finisher the world of football has ever seen has been placed on the third spot.

Ronaldo Nazario

Lionel Messi

The miracle that happened to football, Lionel Messi, is a La Masia’s graduate who has been winning the hearts of the fans since his early years. Messi was in the limelight when he scored a hat-trick against Real Madrid in his first El Clasico. Playing alongside Ronaldinho, Messi inherited all his qualities and showed us in a more polished way than him. He has been the guy who is always the center of the game; every pass, attempt, or the set piece he takes is breathtaking. Messi has been a Cule since the start of his career, and till now, he has been playing for Barcelona. He has won the treble two times and the sextuple in the last decade. He is the star player in Argentina and the King of Barcelona. He stands at 2nd spot.

Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo

A skinny kid from Madeira, who had to work to get his family the food is now the face of football these days. Cristiano’s whole career has been based on his sheer determination and work ethic. From nurturing under Sir Alex Ferguson to Zidane, he has smashed record after record every year, every month, every minute on the football field. He played a pivotal role in Real Madrid’s three years reigning period in Europe, where he would wrack up the goals even against the big fishes like Juventus, Atletico Madrid, and Bayern Munich. He is followed by a lot of people on and off the pitch and has an amazing fan following. His boyhood club named their academy in his name. Now he has a galaxy, a museum, and an airport named before him. All this love because people knew he came from being nothing to the best footballer on the planet. Cristiano would always be on top!

Cristiano Ronaldo