Tree Plantation Drive To Increase SAUDIA’s Green Cover – Green Campaign

Tree Plantation Drive To Increase SAUDIA's Green Cover - Green Campaign

The Saudi government has made an initiative to plant trees in the kingdom which is going to help reduce the area covered by deserts although it is going to take years but it is going to take a long long time.

They have specifically given it a name as the new “Green Campaign” in which they want to plant more than ten million trees by the start of 2022. The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture took it to twitter by the tweet “Let’s Make It Green”.

This is included in the Saudi Vision 2030 which is the ultimate focus of the Saudi government at the moment. The goal is to gain the suitable climate for the people living in the peninsula. Different departments of Saudi Arabia are going to help the Ministry in making it successful and bringing it to completion.


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He is of the view that plantation is going to help Saudi Arabia very much and is going to have very positive effects on the climate of the Kingdom. It has now become essential to have a backup plan for the ongoing climate change. Deserts need to be reduced because they have caused a lot of hot climatic changes and trees are the only solution to that.