From Null Tourism To The World’s Biggest Hotel

Abraj Kudai Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia was thought to be the country with most of the deserts in the world. Still it is covered in the deserts and the percentage of deserts in Saudi Arabia is 95 percent. The ruling government wants to make amends in the geography of Saudi Arabia.

They have launched the Saudi 2030 Vision which is going to make a lot improvements in the inner structure of major cities of Saudi Arabia. These upgrades include technology, infrastructure and some other improvements.

Their main focus is to renovate the Holy Cities which are the main source of attraction because of the visitors from all over the world. The recent thing being built in Mecca is Abraj Kudai.


This hotel is going to be the biggest hotel in the world which is still under construction in Mecca. This was supposed to be completed in 2015 but there rose some problems which stopped the construction and now we are expecting it to be completed at the end of 2020. The total money to be spent on this hotel is about 3.5 billion and the hotel will consist of 10,000 rooms.

The rooms would be divided in 4-Star and 5-Star services. The number of towers will be 12 and the ratio will be that 10 of the towers will have 4-Star rooms and 2 of the towers will have 5-star room. The firm which is designing the interior and exterior is Areen which is a London based company.