Apple Launches iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini With 5G

Apple Launches iPhone 12

After a month long wait the Apple lovers finally had what they wanted, Apple on Tuesday presented their new phones, iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. The users have waited long for this and generally Apple launches their phone in September so this time people had to wait a month to get these phones.

It is thought to be a step ahead in the field of technology, the iPhones came with 5G technology. These phones are the first phones by the company to have this technology in them, these phones will be having the high speed wireless connections.

The CEO of Apple is very much optimistic about the advancements that they have in these phones and the further development they are going to make in the coming years. They have redesigned this phone, making it similar to an older iPhone.

The body of this phone is similar to iPhone 5, with the same metallic border. Mini iPhone 12 will be sold at 699$ and the iPhone 12 will be sold at 799$.