Update: Relations of Saudi Arabia With Pakistan In The Recent Months

Relations of Saudi Arabia With Pakistan In The Recent Months

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been helping out each other in the most difficult times. These two countries have had a strong relation of support and assistance. Both countries managed these relations in a very good way from the start. They have cultural and economic reform with each other.

Saudia and Pakistan are the members of Organizations of Islamic Cooperation and are thought to be the strongest allies in the Muslim world. Saudia supports Pakistan on the Kashmir issue and has helped Pakistan economically in the times of war with India. Most of the Pakistanis as well want to travel to Saudi Arabia more than any other country in the world.

Last Sunday, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi talked about the country’s relations with Saudi Arabia. He is of the view that Saudi-Pak friendship and brotherhood are exemplary. This is how the relations between the two nations should be.

He said this as a reply to a member of the National Assembly and the opposition, Bilawal Bhutto.

Bhutto had criticized the ruling government and held the foreign minister responsible for the bitterness in the ties between the Kingdom and Pakistan. He also said that the ruling government has ruined the relations with Pakistan’s most trusted ally because Saudi Arabia is the Muslim country after Turkey which has contributed a lot in helping Pakistan. He said this during a procession in the city located in upper Punjab being a member of the Pakistan Democratic Movement also known as “PDM”.

Shah said, “Bilawal Bhutto in a discourse referenced me while saying that the connection among Pakistan and Saudi Arabia needs understanding. Bilawal has misguided judgments in such manner as the relations between the two nations are on solid balance. Bilawal ought to abstain from making errors in this regard. A chosen established government which additionally has the command of the majority can’t be brought down by going ahead streets. It can rather hurt the majority rules system. Regardless of whether the current vote based framework is crack, the PDM won’t get any profit from it. The inquiry is if a popularity based government can be brought down.”

He further said that this agenda is adopted by the PDM just to crush the country’s image in front of the whole world and to show it as a blunder to the people of the country just to feed their own politics in Pakistan.


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The bottom line is that relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have seen a rift in the recent times, this happened because Shah had said something which was not liked by the Saudi Government, which resulted in some bitter feelings. A delegation from Pakistan went to the Kingdom including Gen. Bajwa the Head of Armed Forces of Pakistan and was snubbed by the Crown Prince, other than this Saudi Arabia demanded the loan they had given to Pakistan before the said time showing some hard feelings for what was said by Shah. Pakistan is doing its best now to make the bond stronger again with the Kingdom.