Pak-Saudi Relations and FATF Update About The Past Two Weeks

Pak-Saudi Relations and FATF Update About The Past Two Weeks

Pakistan is a country that already has a lot on its plate and is struggling to make its way to the best-developing countries in the world. This all started within 2018 when Pakistan was added to the Grey List of the FATF. FATF is the abbreviation of The Financial Action Task Force which is a union of some countries which make up the rules and regulations.

FATF was established in 1989 and is headquartered in Paris. In June 2018, Pakistan was added to Pakistan being in the grey list has suffered a lot. The people in the country have seen the worst of times. It already had a poor status of the economy and being in the grey list added more to it. The dollar has risen which lead to a disaster when it came to the international dealings of Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia became a member of the FATF in 2019, and even before that Saudi Arabia has helped Pakistan in a lot of aspects. They have invested in Pakistan to improve the lifestyle and everyday life of people. Both countries have been the biggest supporters of each other as Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia has been giving loans to Pakistan to boost the economy and help the governments raise funds in the country.


Relations of Saudi Arabia With Pakistan In The Recent Months

Some days ago, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia encountered a rift in the relation of country. The news has got the wind that Saudi Arabia did not want Pakistan to be excluded from the grey list. This was fake news which was released by some anti-muslim forces which do not want good relations between both the countries. Fortunately, it has been confirmed by Pakistan that no such intention was seen by Saudi Arabia. Still, both countries are at their best of relations.