Google Released The Android Emojis of Arab Hand Gesture

Google released the Android 11 Beta Emoji

Recently, the Android 11 Beta version has been released, which is the talk of the town these days. This is being discussed everywhere, the new features about the interface, the original fonts, the new emojis, the built-in screen recording option, etcetera. The thing which has excited the users the most is the new emojis. There has been an addition of 117 new emojis to the emoji keyboard. The unique number of emojis is a surprise package for the users. There is no doubt that Unicode has done something more than expected.

Pinched Fingers to a triangular point gesture is common among Saudis and other Arabs. The meaning of Pinched fingers in Saudi Arabia and other Arab Countries is Hold off, Relax and Wait a little while.

There are some emojis that have been liked by the users a lot, for instance, the smiley face that has tears on it and the hand that presents the pinched fingers. The users can have the opportunity to use these new emojis by copying from the internet because most of the platforms do not support these. The only application which can do so is Twitter.