Most Downloaded Social Media App of 2020

Most Downloaded Social Media App of 2020

On October 22, 2008, the Google play store was launched, and The Apple App Store had already been in the hands of the users since July 10, 2008. There is hardly a difference of three months between the launch dates of the two most significant and the most popular app downloaders for the android and the apple IOS respectively. It has been twelve years since the initial release of the two. There has been a race between every ordinary app developer to the giant crocodiles of the software and apps developing companies to be at the top of the most downloaded application, every day, every month, and every year.

Now, this is going to surprise you because as we all know and have known Facebook to be the most popular app since we’ve got into the age of the internet, but for the early years of the availability of the Play store, it was WhatsApp Messenger, Yeah! You read that, right! Facebook was declared as the most downloaded app of the decade, but at the beginning, it was WhatsApp Messenger. The results were not the same for the Apple App Store because, in this, Facebook was always on top.

But as per the results of the present times, there is only one app that has been on top for almost a year now. Yes! You guessed that right, TikTok! This has some crazy fans throughout the globe. Kids, Teens, Adults, all of them are having TikTok in their phones. The basic meaning of the word Tiktik is “a vibrational sound’. TikTok was developed by ByteDance, which is a Beijing based internet company working multi-nationally and having a net worth of more than a hundred billion US dollars. Basically, its initial release was in the year 2016, but it then joined hands with, which was an app of the same nature. And after that, It was everywhere.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, schools, colleges, universities everything was temporarily closed. Thus, all of them had to switch to online teaching. Now this pandemic on the one hand destroyed economies but It surely leads the educational institutions to Zoom. The downloads of the app store and the google play store showed the same results as well. Zoom was the second most downloaded app on all platforms.

If we keenly observe the nature of the app, it has allowed the users to gather the audience in their relevant interests. For instance, people who would love dance videos will follow the relevant accounts more, and thus for making one’s account grow, the user will upload the content, which will gather more and more audiences. So following this pattern, the trend of Tiktok is spreading very fast. It is attracting people for both the purposes, as viewers and as users too.