How to Register With MOI Absher In KSA – Absher Registration

Register With MOI Absher In KSA - Absher Registration

Absher is provided by the Saudi Ministry of Interior as a platform to provide online services. Absher registrations have exceeded from 16 million in the past few days. Absher is one of the oldest MOI registration website. Absher has taken all the processes from papers to digital devices which has helped the whole nation on another level. It has provided the Saudi nationals a lot of e-services. It is thought to be the most secure and efficient source. It is mandatory to have an Absher account to avail all the MOI e-services.

How To Make Absher Account Through Absher Registration Machine

The Automatic Self-Service Kiosk Machine can be found almost everywhere in malls, shops, government offices etc..To make an account with Absher through the machine follow the following steps:

  1. Proceed to any of the nearest self-service machines.
  2. Select your language English and enter your Iqama ID.
  3. You will have to put you right index finger on the fingerprint reader.
  4. Now you will do the same with the left finger.
  5. Enter your registered mobile number.
  6. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your phone, your Iqama number will serve as your username.
  7. After this, you will receive the below message from MOI.GOV.SA on your mobile.

MOI Absher Online Registration Through Website

NOTE: Using this method you still have to visit the nearest Absher Self Service Activation Machine to complete the Account Activation Process.

  1. Open Absher website using the following link: “
  2. Now you have to enter Iqama/ID number.
  3. After this, you have to provide your phone number.
  4. Now you have to write your username in English.
  5. Write your email & password and confirm it.
  6. Choose your preferred language and write the image code.
  7. Check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy box and Click Next.
  8. You will receive a confirmation text.
  9. On the next page you have to enter the Activation Code and Identification Number (Iqama ID).
  10. Enter your preferred User ID and Password to complete the Account Creation process.

After all the process, You will receive the below message.

To activate your account, Please bring your Valid ID, Signed, and completed registration form, Where you can print it or fill it when you visit one of the activation centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Absher?

Absher is a platform initiated by the Saudi Ministry of Interior to avail of most of the governmental services through an online source.

How to activate Absher account?

You can activate your Absher account by visiting the nearest Absher Registration Machine (Automatic Self-Service Kiosk Machine) in your city.