Apple Takes A Huge Step To Make Its Own Search Engine

Apple Takes A Huge Step To Make Its Own Search Engine

In the last few years, there has been a piece of news related to the search engine which will be developed by Apple to replace it with Google. Currently, Apple is in partnership with Google and it is still working with it. This collaboration is turning into a rivalry as we are seeing Apple and Google both are trying to compete with each other in the market. This was highlighted a few months ago when Google launched its Pixel Smartphone that had similar features as are in iPhone but at a very lower price than the smartphones of Apple.

We could see this one coming, Now Apple is preparing its own engine moreover, ios 14 the when people search for something the results include the queries from Apple as the top priority. This is happening only in the latest version of the IOS. There is another reason why Apple is doing this, the reason is that Google has been accused of using the search engine for some disallowed purposes. All these reasons would include privacy violations and other stuff.

Apple has been hiring new staff for search engine development which is a solid reason to believe that all that we are thinking is true and there is no chance of ambiguity in it.


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What we all should think is that when Apple would launch its own search engine how is it going to compete with Google because more than 90% of people in the world use Google as their search engine. A lot of engines have tried to beat Google but none of them have been successful in beating it. Now, Apple is not going to do something which is everyone’s cup of tea it is going to introduce something that will attract a lot of people what we all need to do now is sit back and see what it is going to be.